Shooting a Firework Deathstar – 5000 shots 59 fuses.

Innovator and YouTube star, Colin Furze, sets off a tremendous chunk of firecrackers and afterward runs like crazy.

At times one box of firecrackers isn’t sufficient. That is the reason Colin Furze, a YouTubee and idiosyncratic designer — or crazy scientist — chose to wire 58 boxes together to a monster firecracker Deathstar in this video.

Posted June 9, the YouTube video shows Furze’s most crazy invention, named after the planet destroyer space station from Star Wars. The massive group of firecrackers, 5,000 altogether, is held high up by a vast crane, with the breakers all running back to a switch, which Furze sets off with his trademark cackle.

Shooting a Firework Deathstar – 5000 shots 59 fuses