The Browning Automatic Rifle or short BAR is a lightweight machine gun developed by John Moses Browning around 1916/1917 for combat unit support. After a demonstration before government representatives and the press in February 27, 1917 in Washington DC, it was introduced as a light machine gun (IMG) to the US Army, but came too late to play a role in the First World War: its first deployment had it on 13 September 1918 in France. The BAR has a 20 cartridge magazine and weighs over 9 kg, which is acceptable for a machine gun, but for a storm gun – as it was originally intended – it is too heavy almost twice as much as the American standard gun Springfield M1903 and the later M1 Garand.

Now, the company OOW made a modified and modernized version of the gun called the HCAR, which you can see in the video. Check it out and leave a comment with your opinion.

The HCAR and The BAR